Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are filter tips?

Filter tips are a small, cylindrical insert placed inside the front of a joint or blunt to keep you from sucking up any loose leaf, also known as the dreaded scooby snack. While many people use a rolled-up piece of paper for this purpose, it is far more effective to use one of our custom hemp filter tips, glass filter tips, or wood filter tips.

Do you need filters for joints?

Every joint needs a filter, but not all filters are equal. The quality of the filter contributes heavily to the quality of the joint. A joint with a paper filter will be flimsy and may lack airflow. A joint rolled with one of our hemp, wood, or glass filter tips will be far more structurally sound and will provide great airflow.

When should I use filter tips?

Filter tips should always be used with joints, but many people also use them when smoking blunts or cigarettes. Blunt filter tips, especially glass or wood tips, keep it from getting too wet or falling apart.

How do I use filter tips?

To use smaller filter, such as our hemp filters, you place it inside the edge of your rolling paper, where your mouth will be. Then you place your leaf of choice inside the paper and roll up as you normally would, making sure to keep the edge of the filter aligned with the edge of the paper. With a wood or glass filter, you can either use them as a replacement for a normal filter inside the joint, or you can insert your joint or blunt into the filter.

How many times can I reuse a hemp filter?

A single filter can be used 3 times. Make sure not to smoke the filter down to the tip. Our product is not FDA approved.

What are your hemp filters made from?

Our flagship and patented product is a biodegradable and reusable smoking filter that is made from hemp and corn starch. Beating fibrous cellulose acetate and glass at every turn our filters are made from USA grown industrial hemp, creating a whole plant experience. Coated in micro-grooves the filters cling to paper and expedite the rolling process. Each filter can be used three times and remember not to burn down to the tip.

Do you offer wholesale options?

Yes, wholesale options are available for custom smoking filters and pre-roll packaging. If you were interested in bulk orders you can contact us or schedule a free consultation through our wholesaler’s tab.

How can I become a brand ambassador?

Send a detailed email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, social media pages, and experience within the hemp & cannabis industry.