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Are glass tips good for rolling?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Black Glass Filter Tips
Black Glass Filter Tips

Are glass tips good for rolling?

As a modern smoker, you have probably asked the question “Are glass tips good for rolling? Everyone has their own ideas on how to improve filter tips, and everyone has their personal favorite. Despite new choices appearing every year, glass tips have maintained their position as the most popular choice for quite some time. Below, we will take a close look at some of the advantages of using glass filter tips.

  1. Maintains Structure

Rolling with DIY tips or cardboard filter tips is common due to their accessibility. However, these tips come with a steep learning curve, as they lack the strength to provide reliable structure. Rolling with glass filters, which are stronger and come in many sizes, is much more reliable. 

  1. Superior Airflow and Reusability

The airflow quality will depend to a great extent on the sort of tip you are using. Every smoker, even those who don’t prefer glass filters, will likely agree that they provide the cleanest airflow. This is in part due to how easy glass filters are to clean. No matter how strict your upkeep is, other long-lasting filters, like wood or ceramic, will eventually accrue a certain amount of permanent filth. On the other hand, glass filters can be cleaned to perfection with nothing more than rubbing alcohol, some salt, and a ziplock bag.

Glass filter tips
Flatmouth Glass Filter Tips

How to Roll Using a Glass Tip

Given the weight of a glass filter compared to hemp, paper, or plastic, they can be difficult to get used to, especially for beginners. The trick is to always keep a hand on the filter, as it may want to roll off your paper. It is also important to select the glass tip which matches the amount of tobacco that you would like to put on the paper. If you are using an extra-long tip, make sure to support the tip’s tail on the top of the hand.

Are Glass Filter Tips Right for Me?

If you still can’t decide whether or not glass filter tips suit you, just ask yourself these questions:

Are you experienced enough to roll with a heavier filter?

Do you want a filter that is reusable and easy to clean?

Can you commit to cleaning the filter, which may need to be done several times a week?

This last question is especially important.

To truly get the best from a glass filter, you will be required to clean it comprehensively, which will require some patience. If you want to learn more about how to clean glass tips, check our blog on this topic here.

Custom Glass Filter Tips
Custom Glass Filter Tips

Here’s a link to our shop page to purchase your own custom glass filter tips:

Here’s a great article on how to roll written by our friends over at leafly:

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