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How to build a cannabis company

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

How we scaled & built our cannabis brand in the 21st century

Written by: Niko San Pedro

There is no denying the fact that the cannabis industry has blown up the last half decade. With companies emerging everyday & consumer adoption growing there has never been a better time to start figuring out a way to innovate within this particular market.

Markets all over the country and world are opening up as cannabis becomes a part of everyday society. Our team realized very early on that we wanted to be a part of this economic and societal shift which is how our company Biokemp was formed.

We started in the year 2018, Our founding members Niko San Pedro & Gabriel Hiralal, were avid cannabis connoisseurs and had spent majority of their time together smoking cannabis and looking for ways to innovate within the cannabis industry.

Towards the end of 2018, they had developed The World's First Reusable & Biodegradable Hemp Smoking Filter. The best part was, that it was fully customizable putting power back into the hands of small business owners looking to build a name for themselves in an industry that is centered around traditional marketing strategies. Fast forward a few years and we've become a staple for cannabis rollers across the world. Operating in over 70 different countries our custom filter tips are used by many brands both big & small.

We created this blog as a way to inspire a few of you looking to venture out into the cannabis space. Building A Cannabis Company can be easy if you know exactly what you plan on bringing to market. Below we've listed a few areas of opportunity within the cannabis market.


  1. Define your why; What is our purpose of entering this space and what do we hope to accomplish in 1, 5 & 10 years.

  2. Decide what product or service you are planning on bringing to the space and MAKE SURE you are ready to spend a lot of time on marketing & connecting with industry leaders.

  3. Build a team that shares similar core ethics as your own. One of hardest parts to scaling a business is finding reliable & trustworthy people. Your company's culture will be a key component to its success.


There are several areas of opportunity within cannabis space that we have discovered over the last half decade. Here's a list of ten things you can do today to start building a cannabis company:

  1. Cannabis Social Media Management Company

  2. Pre Roll Cannabis Company

  3. Cannabis Sales Group (Centered around getting products into dispensaries)

  4. Graphic Design & Print Cannabis Company

  5. Event Group Cannabis Company

  6. White Label Cannabis Rolling Services

  7. Cannabis Web Developer

  8. Small Batch Cultivator

  9. Cannabis Packaging Company

  10. Cannabis Accounting Services

Over the last half decade, we've seen thousands of companies come and go. We've also seen thousands of companies turn into multi-million-dollar enterprises. The two things that separate the companies in this space that are here to stay is their ability to continue being mission driven & their ability to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders. This space is relatively small & once you are in it! You're fully in it.

We want to see you get involved. If you enjoyed this blog and want to get some more information on what you should do starting off, email our CEO

We are happy to assist you & are excited to meet some of the new pioneers of the cannabis industry.

Stay tuned to know more about Biokemp at:

Instagram: @ShopBiokemp

Twitter: @ShopBiokemp

Reddit: Biokemp

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