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How do I make a filter tip?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

How do i make my own filter tip.

How do I make my own filter tip?

It’s time to smoke, and you just realized you forgot your Biokemp filter at home. You’ve got no choice but to craft your own filter tip, but which materials should, and shouldn’t, you use? Here’s a rundown of the material dos-and-don’ts when making a filter tip:


Cardboard is a long-time favorite because it is pliable yet firm. This means it provides solid structure while still being easy to work with.

Business Cards

Everyone usually has some business cards lying around in the house or the car. These provide a quick solution for that on-the-spot filter tip roll. If you enjoy using business cards don't forget to check out our new product Biokemp’s Custom Filter Tip Business Cards | BIOKEMP

Manila Folder

Grabbing all those old manila folders to make your filter tips is perhaps the most efficient strategy, as a single one can provide enough material for a great many filters.

Back flap of a Checkbook

Do people still use checks? The back flap of the checkbook is an excellent material to use for your DIY filter tip.

Empty Toilet Paper Roll

As a kid, you probably used it like a telescope. Now, as a smoker, you can use them to make filter tips. This is a great use for old rolls because they contain no chemicals, they’re malleable, and they really don’t work very well as a telescope.

This does it for the DIY material options, but we’ll go ahead and run through the more upscale filter options:


The Ferrari of filter tips, glass filters are generally reusable and guaranteed to make your joint look like a million bucks.


Trying to keep it close to nature? Wood filter tips are the way to go, providing a good-looking filter tip that is biodegradable.


These are fun to hold and come in all different colors and models.

Activated Charcoal

Commonly used in cigarettes, now you can find some smokers who like to use these in their joints.


The grandfather of all filter tips, cork has been used since the beginning of filter history. It is not commonly used for joints unless you require improvisation and have a cigarette to sacrifice.

Kemp Tips

Our favorite at Biokemp. If glass is a Ferrari, Kemp Tips are Tesla. Kemp Tips makes the entire joint experience plant-based and highly sustainable. In Biokemp’s case, they are also customizable and reusable up to three times.

Unbleached Paper

Very cheap and easy to use, these can be found at every smoke shop across the globe.


Another alternative that some consider similar to glass is ceramic. What we like about ceramic filters is the pleasant texture the dried clay provides while smoking.

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