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How to use Filter Tips?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Filter tips are used when rolling a joint, spliff, tobacco, cannagar, or any other form of smoking apparatus that involves rolling. A filter tip provides stiffness, improves airflow, and prevents the filling of whatever you are smoking from falling into your mouth.

Filter Tips
Filter Tips

No matter what you’re smoking, it is important to know how to set up a filter tip properly:

  1. Check for Airflow: Try blowing through the filter to make sure an adequate amount of air gets through.

  2. Place it accordingly: The filter tip should be placed at the end of the rolling paper, tobacco leaf, or whatever other rolling product you are using. The end of the tip should match the end of the paper. Ensure that, once the product is rolled, the filter won’t stick out or be too far inside.

Once the filter is in place, continue rolling your product as usual. The filter tip should provide structure, and if it’s a customized filter, it will make your smokeable more personalized. Once everything is in place, there are still a few points to keep in mind during and after your smoke:

  1. Avoid smoking to the tip: Whether you’re smoking paper, wood, hemp, or glass, it is best to stop smoking just before you reach the tip.

  2. Keep your filter clean: If it is a reusable filter, you’ll want to keep it clean. Glass filters can be washed with water, but an alcohol/salt solution is generally more effective. Other reusable filters like hemp don’t require extensive cleanup; if nothing else, give it a quick shake and blow some air through it to release anything stuck within.

  3. Be careful when disposing of your filter tip: Some filter tips, such as silicone and plastic, are not biodegradable. Other filter tips, such as glass, have been known to cause fires when thrown in forests with high temperatures and an abundance of dry leaves. If you aren’t sure whether or not your filter is fully biodegradable, it is best to dispose of it properly.

In conclusion, a filter tip is a nice smoking accessory that is easy to use and provides a more enjoyable smoking experience. Keeping these few short notes in mind when and if you use them will allow for a more pleasant experience for both you and others.

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