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Rolling A Cannagar for Beginners

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

What Is A Cannagar and How Do I Roll A Cannagar?

Cannagars also known as cannabis cigars are the coinesours take on artisanal crafted rolls. They are made using a mold that compresses your flower into the shape of a roll which expedites the rolling process. These rolls have a profound impact on cannabis culture and bring a ton of value to cannabis owners looking to bring new SKU's to the table.

What makes a cannabis cigar (cannagar) so intriguing? These rolls are typically done in hemp or cannabis leaves. The experience is similar to that of a normal cigar without the toxic effects of tobacco. Cannagars like stated before are an interesting take on artisanal crafted rolls. They last longer and look great.

If you want a cannagar but don't have the time to learn how to make them, you can always buy one. Our good friends over at E4P Cannabis Cigars they have perfected the craft.

Thinking about rolling your own cannagar? Everyone can do it! If you want to make your own, we have a short video which will guide you on the steps on rolling one!

Supplies Needed: Cannabis Strain of your choice, cannabis leaf (indica strain leaves work better), mold, a filter, and a grinder.


Prepare the cannagar mold:

  1. Incorporate a Biokemp Filter Tip

  2. Grind the Cannabis

  3. Pack the mold

  4. Store for 3H

  5. Roll the Cannagar

  6. Glue your Cannagar

  7. Curate

  8. Enjoy

  1. Prepare the Mold

Put your mold together and insert skewer

2. Incorporate Filter Tip

Place your BioKemp filter at one end of the skewer. The filter tip shouldn’t stick out from the joint or be too inside.

3. Grind the Cannabis

Put your cannabis in your grinder and grind the heck out of it. Your cannabis should be dry enough so it can break down easily.

4. Pack the Cannagar Mold

Place in the mold shaft and use the packing tool to tightly compact the flower inside the mold. The longer you pack it, the longer it will burn.

5. Store for 3H

Store your cannagar mold in a cool place with 55-62% humidity for at least 3H. The ideal storage is for 2 days before continuing the process. The longer it takes the smoother it will hit due to the curing process.

6. Glue

Apply to your cannagar core a concentrate of your own. This will make it so the cannabis leaf will stick to the core. You can use either rosin or oil but make sure it is sticky enough.

7. Roll

Grab your cannabis leaf and role in a spiral pattern until the core is covered completely. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your layer of leaves.

If using hemp paper roll exactly like rolling a blunt. If you want to learn how to roll a blunt check our blog on How to roll a Blunt.

8. Curate

Store the final product in a place with 55%-62% humidity for a week. This will remove the chlorophyll and moisture from the leaves, giving you a more crisp smoke.

9. Enjoy

Ha! The best step – time to smoke all your hard effort! You definitely deserve it!


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