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The History of Filter Tips

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The concept of a filter-tipped cigarette did not exist until the 1950s. Even though there was a growing belief that smoking cigarettes might be detrimental to a person’s health, many people refused to quit the practice. This was in large part due to a massive propaganda campaign that cigarette and tobacco companies funded to convince people that smoking cigarettes was safe.

During the 1950s

This false notion was finally disproven during the 1950s when a series of medical studies proved the correlation between lung cancer and smoking. This forced cigarette manufacturers to consider the health of their consumers; as a result, the first filter-tipped cigarette was launched on the market. The filter was meant to lower the amount of tar and toxins from entering the lungs, essentially creating a safer cigarette. By the 1960s, this new, filtered cigarette dominated the market.

Filter-tipped cigarettes make up the vast majority of cigarettes that you can find all over the world. The most popular brands generally advertise “ultra-low nicotine and tar”; to accomplish this, they utilize a technique that involves minuscule perforations within the filter. This design increases the amount of clean air inhaled with each puff, resulting in the inhalation of less nicotine and tar.

Problem with filters

The significant issue with filters is that, given the nature of nicotine addiction, the smoker will eventually need to smoke so much that the benefits of the filters are basically nullified. Not only that, but the filters currently used in cigarettes contain cellulose acetate, a plastic, which contains its own dangerous toxins.

The future is Hemp Filter Tips.

Hemp filter tips are at the forefront of the ongoing effort to decrease the risk of cigarettes. Entirely plant-based, containing no bleach or artificial dyes, these filters lower the risk to the smoker’s health while also decreasing the potential for pollution posed by traditional filters. We don’t encourage the use of cigarettes, but we are entirely in support of the conversion to the safer, more sustainable solution provided by hemp filter tips.

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