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The Tuck-Tip Rolling Technique:

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Your ultimate guide to rolling using the "Tuck Tip" technique or "2 Piece Tip" technique Written By: Nicholas San Pedro

All professional rollers know the art of rolling consists of a hefty amount of R&D and looking for new ways to diversify your product listings. If you are already a roller or are just now getting into rolling you may have come across what we call here at BIOKEMP the "tuck-tip technique". That said, it is helpful to know how to twist one of these up if you decide to take your rolling expertise to the next level.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at how the "Tuck-Tip" or "2-Piece Filter Tip" is utilized for hand crafted rolls.

The Birth of "The Tuck-Tip" Also Known As "The 2-Piece Tip"

Rolling has been a part of the consumption experience for as long as we can all recollect. Recently we have seen a rise in consumer adoption of hand-rolled pre-rolls such as Hash Holes & Cannagars. Of course, when it comes to hand rolls, the art of creativity is more profoundly recognized across the globe of rollers and smokers. The "Tuck-Tip" Filter is just one of the many ways rollers have found success in creating a more robust smoking experience.

What are the components of a "Tuck-Tip" or "2-Piece Tip"?

When it comes to rolling "Tuck-Tips" the science is quite simple. You will need two things which are carried on our website.

1) Hollow Tube Filter Tip

2) An Insert

Now, let's not get carried away. Although you only need two filter tips to make this style of roll happen it is not necessarily a simple two step process. As with anything, don't expect to perfect this craft without some practice. Having a firm footing in how to roll a regular joint will help, however there are multiple factors that go into the perfect tuck-tip which will dive into below.

Steps to Roll a Tuck-Tip:
  1. Find and grind your favorite flower.

  2. Pick your rolling paper or leaf of choice

  3. Roll the flower with the hollow tube filter tip.

  4. Leave around 2-3 MM of excess paper hanging after the hollow tube filter tip has been rolled.

  5. Take a tool and push the excess paper into the interior of the hollow tube filter tip.

  6. Slip in an insert on the interior of the hollow tube filter tip.

Once you are complete with this step-by-step process your roll should look a little something like this:

Puff, Puff, Pass. Now that you've rolled your first tuck-tip it's time to share the experience with your friends, family or customers. This style of rolling gives your rolls a unique look that has not been utilized by most cannabis companies across the world. If you want to compete in an industry centered around visual appeal this is just one of the many ways to do so.

If you are interested in getting some tuck-tips made, our team is happy to assist. This is one of the many custom filter tip options we carry here at Biokemp. Reach out clicking the link to find out more: The Tuck-Tip Filter Tips

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