Top 4 Best Filters for Rolling Joints

A lot of people wonder what are the best filters for rolling joints. In reality, this all comes down to what you are looking for from the experience. People who are looking for a cheap option might pick Paper Filter Tips versus someone who is looking for a more wholesome experience might go with Hemp Filter Tips. 

For us here at Biokemp there are 5 clearly best filter tips in the market which we choose daily over any other type of filters because they are accessible and good for mother earth. These are:

  1. Hemp Filter Tips
BioKemp Hemp Filter Tips - Sample Pack
BioKemp Hemp Filter Tips – Sample Pack

“World’s favorite” Hemp Filter Tips brings all the good stuff a filter tip should have and be. Let’s start by the fact that it is made out of hemp, so the entire experience is plant-based. Not only you are smoking the weed, but your filter comes from the same marihuana plant. Isn’t that awesome?

On top of that, the Hemp Filter Tips are reusable up to three times which means you can use it multiple times as long as you don’t smoke down to the tip. Furthermore, the hemp filter is biodegradable. This means the filter can be decomposed organically by bacteria and fungi and not contaminate the earth. 

At last, you might be thinking “a filter this good probably is super expensive” but you are wrong. Our Hemp Filter Tips go for around $1 a piece and you can customize them however you want to make your smoking experience personalized. 

Regarding the filter quality, it works great. It gives a good stiffness to the joint preventing it from breaking apart. It blocks the weed from falling inside your mouth and the best part of it is it possesses micro-grooves, so the filters cling to paper and expedite the rolling process. 

2. Glass Filter Tips

BioKemp Glass Filter Tips
BioKemp Glass Filter Tips

Glass filter tips are classic bougie but not ratchet because these slick filters make any joint look a million bucks. The glass helps cool down the smoke that passes through and provides a great smoking experience. 

At Biokemp all-glass filters are crafted from borosilicate and heat resistant to the level of pyrex. These far outshine any mass-produced comparisons and prevent the filter from breaking easily. 

3. Wood Filter Tips

BioKemp wooden Filter Tips
BioKemp Wooden Filter Tips

If you are looking for sustainably sourced and inexpensive filter tips, wood tips can be a great solution for you. Besides that, wood filter tips are perfect for artisanal smokers looking to add an artistic touch to their smoke.

They offer the elegance of a wood filter tip, while also offering the additional benefits of a biodegradable and reusable filter tip. Smoking while knowing you are taking care of the earth is the best high you can get! 

4. Paper Filter Tips

Paper Filter Tips
Paper Filter Tips

The OG filter tip everyone has used sometime in their lives. This filter never disappoints because it provides a good grip on the joint plus preventing the weed from getting in your mouth. Apart from that is pretty bland and doesn’t enhance the smoking experience that much. 

What is great about this filter is the fact is super cheap and you can buy large quantities for very little on Amazon. For the smoker on a budget, a paper filter tip is the best solution available in the market to continue smoking like a pro.

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