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Custom Filter Orders
4-6 Week Lead Time

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The Origins of Biokemp

Our Creative Founders.

Since the inception of Biokemp, we have made our mission to provide the cannabis community innovative & sustainable alternatives. 

At the helm of Biokemp, the foremost US producer of custom filter tips, stand two visionaries who have transformed the landscape of smoking accessories. Co-founders Niko and Gabe have harnessed their boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to establish a brand that is synonymous with innovation, quality, and customization.

Nicholas San Pedro



As CEO of Biokemp, Niko specializes in helping businesses and sourcing teams become industry leaders by introducing Biokemp's reusable filtration solutions to their portfolio. Simplyfing SKU'S and establishing a secure supply chain for future growth. With over 6 years of experience within the Cannabis industry, Niko has spent majority of his time on new product development & building strategic partnerships.

Gabriel Hiralal



in 2020 we lost Gabe in a tragic event. In the time since, we've seen many milestones come and go. Without fail, each and every achievement is accompanied by two simultaneous emotions. There is renewed sense of grief in the realization that no matter how far we go or what we accomplish, Gabe will not be there to give one of his eloquent speeches. At the same time, there is overwhelming gratitude in seeing Gabe's legacy continue to grow. 

Let’s talk about Numbers:


30% of all smokers, cant roll joints. Implementing a pre-roll line as a sku in your product portfolio is essential to reach this demographic. With the ability to change the size of each individual filter our team is ready to help you bring whatever sized pre-roll to market.


Over 150 million tons of waste are discarded into our ecosystems each year due to the cannabis industry. Here at Biokemp sustainablity is as at the forefront of our business model. Our goal is to help small businesses avoid green washing & push towards a more circular economy.


As the industry continues to evolve & grow. We want to be a secure & reliable portion of your supply chain. With recreational cannabis hitting over 10 billion dollars in sales. The sky is the limit. If you have a new product you want to bring to market we are here to assist. 

The One-Stop-Shop For Custom Filter Tips


Custom designs prepared by our team of designers with over 7+ years in photoshop, fusion360 and more


Manufactured in order to meet the highest quality standards. We carry an array of custom filter tip options. 


Every individual filter tip manufactured gets hand inspected in order to meet our quality standards.


2 day domestic shipping on all custom filter tip orders.


What Does It Mean Choose Biokemp:

It means to choose sustainability; it means to choose accountability. It means to choose choices. Powered by Nature and Aided by Technology. Biokemp was formed with the goal of providing alternative solutions guaranteeing quality products for cannabis brands. We understand the challenges you may face in an industry dependent on quality and consistency. We take a customer-centric approach to everything we do here at Biokemp. You and your clients are our number one priority and if we can make your life as a business owner even slightly easier through our consultation, services, and/or products, we’ve done our job.


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