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Custom Kemp Filter Tips

Patented for the smoothest smoking experience. Biokemp’s premium custom Kemp smoking filters are biodegradable, reusable up to three times, and now fully customizable! With the pre-roll industry currently making up 12.7% of all cannabis sales, there has never been a better time to launch your own rolls. Our custom Kemp tips are available in several different sizes & colors. These tips are made from a material called PLA which is derived from plant-based starches like sugar cane and corn starch.


Interested in getting some made with your logo? We are able to make these tips any size 8 MM around the diameter & above. The complexity of the design will determine how big the filter tip needs to be. 


These tips are a great way to separate your brand from the masses. When rolling with these tips, what makes them particularly unique is the fact that the design is always visible whereas with glass & wooden alternatives the design is engraved which can be covered by the paper. Interested in learning more?

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