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Custom Pre-roll Cones

Hand rolled with your preferred paper of choice; our custom cones are a great way to mass distribute any pre-roll without the hassle of hand rolling. 

What are Pre Roll Cones & Pre Roll Tubes?

Pre-roll cones are empty paper tubes that are used to roll cigarettes or marijuana joints. They come in different sizes, materials, and colors and can be purchased pre-filled or empty. Pre-roll cones make the rolling process easier and neater.

Interested in getting some made with your logo? We are able to integrate Wood, Glass and Kemp tips inside of the Pre-roll cones and Pre-roll tubes. Pre-rolled products are a great way to expedite your production process and crank out more volume. Simply just pack the cones & tubes, place them in their packaging and they are ready to distribute.

It is important to note that the sizing of your Pre-roll cone or Pre-roll tube will be determined by what s size filter tip you plan on integrating into the product. Interested in getting some made for your companu?

Fill out the form below. 

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Custom Pre Roll Cones & Pre Roll Tubes

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