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3 Essential Rules for DIY Joint Filter Tips

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Every serious smoker should know the basic formula of how to make joint filter tips on the go. With just a few quick steps, you can improvise an efficient filter in every situation with the materials you have at hand.

We all know rolling with a filter improves the smoking experience exponentially, so don’t let the lack of a filter tip stop you from smoking.

Here we’ll go over some basic rules to keep in mind to ensure your impromptu joint filters can impress even the most veteran stoners:

Rule 1: Keep it Natural

It all starts with the type of material, and when making a filter tip on the go, you want to stay away from materials that contain dangerous chemicals, such as bleach. Keep in mind that heated air will flow through the filter when lighting your joint, dragging all of these harmful chemicals into your lungs. Even in small amounts, these chemicals can pose a serious health risk.

A material we recommend using is cardboard in its most natural form, meaning untreated and without any plastic, paint, etc. It can be the same cardboard used in the packaging of your rolling paper, a piece of cardboard from a box, a manila folder, or even an empty toilet paper roll. If you can’t find any of the above, index cards and business cards can be considered as a last option, but the possibility of ink or chemicals leftover from printing makes these less than ideal.

Try staying away from paper because most of these have been bleached. You can find unbleached filter paper at any smoke shop, but if you are already going to a smoke shop to buy paper filters, you may also do yourself the favor of buying some Biokemp filter tips that are both reusable and plant-based.

Rule 2: Size Matters

When cutting your piece of cardboard, you’ll want to consider:

Length: If your filter is not long enough, the resulting joint will lack a firm structure. The joint will also be difficult to hold, and you’ll risk burning your fingers and lips. Generally, making a filter too long won’t be a problem, as you can adjust the length while rolling.

Width: The main thing to be wary of here is creating a filter that is too narrow. Without proper width, you will be forced to tightly compress your paper around the bud, which can be difficult, and you’ll likely decrease the stability of the joint.

A good standard of measurement is 0.7 inches long and 0.3 inches wide.

Rule 3: Functionality

While all of the factors we’ve mentioned up to this point affect functionality, there are two key points we have not yet touched on, and they go hand in hand; airflow and design. Finding a balance between the two is the most difficult part of creating a DIY filter.

Air Flow: The entire purpose of the filter tip is to allow for smooth airflow. If you make too complex a design and restrict airflow, you’ll give yourself a headache trying to take a decent hit. Try to leave enough open space for proper airflow, but not so much space that you end up eating your flower instead of smoking it.

Design: Everyone likes to experiment with their filter tips designs, and there are some incredible artists capable of creating peace signs, weed leaves, or more with just a piece of cardboard and some scissors. While forming your artistic vision, especially as a beginner, stay mindful of the design’s functionality. The filter should work as a barricade between the bud and the inside of your mouth. As tempting as it can be to attempt a complex or unique design, it can hardly be called a filter if it doesn’t keep the weed out of your mouth.

More on the design – many people attempt a “W’, “M” or “V”, but folding it into an accordion-style design before rolling it into a cylinder can be highly effective. As with anything, there is a lot of practice required before mastering the art of filter rolling.

Our recommendation: Knowing this stuff is helpful for those occasions where you don’t have a filter tip, but instead of jumping into the intricate art of origami, we recommend you spend a couple of bucks on some professional-grade filter tips that you can bring on the go.

At Biokemp, we specialize in customized, reusable filter tips. Basically, you create your ideal design, and then we make it a reality. By removing the chore of having to create a brand new filter every time you roll, we hope to make it easier for you to get the most out of every smoke.

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