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How to roll a perfect Hash Hole like a professional every time.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Rolling and Smoking Hash Holes.

Written By: Jake Robinson

A hash hole is a joint composed of cannabis flower infused with hash rosin (traditionally). Surely you know you can cop a killer hash hole on the street or the shelves in most states.

That said, it is helpful to know how to twist one of these up for yourself. Although having a sizable stash of top-shelf flower rosin is always a good thing, learning how to roll your own hash hole joints from home puts the power in your hands. Hit us up at @shopbiokemp if you have questions, comments, or want to say high.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at hash holes and get busy practicing. BIOKEMP has all the kit you need to roll the perfect hash hole like a pro every time.


The Dawn of the Commercial Hash Hole.

If you are looking for a deep dive into the best hash holes available on the shelves in each State's legal market, check out this article on the best pre-rolls of 2022, written by Leafly's California Bureau Chief and friend of BIOKEMP David Downs. Also check out Danté Jordan and his piece in Thrillist on Fidel, the forefather of the Rosin infused hash hole.

What are the components of a Hash Hole?

Hash holes are joints (or blunts) that fuse high-quality cannabis flower with terpene-rich hash rosin to create a sizable doob with a hollow center stuffed with the solventless extract.

The Hash Hole: Half Science, Half Art.

Of course, when it comes to rolling your own, only practice makes perfect. When a pro properly twists a hash hole, the flower and the "snake" of hash rosin in the center will burn at around the same rate the entire time.

How to Smoke A Hash Hole.

As with anything, don't expect to perfect this craft without some practice. Having a firm footing in how to roll a regular joint will help, however there are multiple factors that go into the perfect hash hole from a consumption perspective as well.

It may sound silly, but there is some undeniable skill and nuance that goes into consuming one of these hitters as well. When things go mostly right with your roll, and all the variables are accounted for, the rosin inside your hash hole will melt internally and maintain a stable burn rate relative to the cannabis flower surrounding it. This complete combustion is paramount to the proper hash hole experience.

Don't Be an Ash-Hole.

After you ash your hash hole for the first time, a rosin-filled recess (or "hole") within the center of the joint will appear if all goes according to plan. Before long, what started as a terpene-filled tunnel will resemble a veritable vortex that begins at the top of the roll and runs through the core of the entire joint.

The Importance of the proper Filter Tip or "Crutch" in a Hash Hole.

When smoking a hash hole the most important aspect to consumption is to have a consistent stream of airflow throughout the smoke. The importance of using the proper filter tip or “crutch” becomes evident when consuming a roll using a sub-optimal filter.

The difference in “pull” or “toke” varies tremendously from user to user. Therefore, if consuming a hash hole with others, there is bound to be a bit of bothersome leaks, drips, and runs if the perfect filter tip is not used.

The Perfect Filter Tip for Hash Holes.

Enter BIOKEMP – the undisputed leader of the pack when it comes to producing a filter with the perfect air flow and backdraft. One of the only connoisseur smoking accessories that has the optimal balance.

Since 2018 BIOKEMP has been at the forefront of this burgeoning field, providing the tools and working hand in hand with professional rollers and leaders in the space. The epitome of high design, and superior form and function. BIOKEMP continues to break barriers and bring innovative solutions to the hash hole and connoisseur roll market.

Steps to Roll a Hash Hole.

  1. Find and grind your favorite flower. We recommend 1.5 Grams of Flower and .3 grams of rosin. It seems to be that for group hash holes the more Rosin, the more likely the joint will run or “canoe”.

  2. Pick your paper (we recommend King Size Elements or OCB) and choose your tip size. This has been a point of contention in the craft rolling community. That said, we recommend (generally speaking) using a size 10MM tip for your personal hash holes, and graduating to a 12MM for the holes you share with your homies.

  3. When first starting out it can be a little tough to roll the entire hash hole from start to finish in your hand. We recommend laying the paper flat on a tray and forming the flower into a rectangle in the center.

  4. From there, grab your rosin and roll it between your palms a couple of times until you have a sizable snake of hash, that you can then place directly in the center of your flower (on top of the paper).

  5. Lay your chosen filter tip on the right side of the paper (reverse if left handed) and begin to form the classic joint cylinder shape with your fingers, carefully tucking the paper into itself before applying cigar glue (or just licking) the gum side of the rolling paper. You want the roll to be filled uniformly but be careful not to roll it too tight.

  6. This last part definitely takes some practice, but the perfect hash hole should only need to be slightly packed or tamped down at the tip. Avoid packing too tightly as you don't want to restrict airflow or worse, compact the concentrate filling the center. Push the tip of the filter up slightly from the bottom of the joint, clip and excess paper, and you're ready to smoke like a pro.

Puff, Puff, Practice.

If you're still having trouble and would like to learn from the best, we can recommend the following accounts as these are some fabulous full-time rollers who have reinvented the craft and, along with a few select brands, catapulted the Hash Hole into cult status among the cannabis culture.

Here is a list (in no particular order, and most certainly missing some) of how we get high with a little help from out friends...

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