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What are filter tips?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

From 5000 BC smoking in shamanistic rituals to the mass production of tobacco in the industrial revolution, smoking has always been part of mankind. Within our smoker’s journey as humanity, we have developed tools within to make our experience a lot better – we bring you the filter tips.

What are filter tips? Filter tips are a part of cigarettes, cigars, and joints which thought purpose is to filter the air in order to make the smoking experience more satisfying but in reality, it gives structure, improves airflow, and prevents the substance from passing through into your mouth.

Filter tips were invented in 1925 by Hungarian inventor Boris Aivaz and became mainstream in the 1950s as a solution to combat the bad press of doctors and researchers who linked smoking to lung disease.

The first cigarette filters were made of cork and were used to prevent the tobacco flakes from passing through into mouth. Later, they were promoted to function as an air filter from the nasty components of cigarettes. Helping the cigarettes look safer, filter sales rose 87.7% in just 25 years.

Today there is the common misconception that these filters actually purify the air you are bringing to your lungs but little is the effect of these utensils according to multiple studies. The reality is that filter tips have another bigger purpose.

Filter tips help give stiffness to whatever you are smoking. It also prevents whatever you are smoking from getting in the smoker’s mouth, tongue, or even hitting the back part of your throat. They can also improve the airflow and make the overall smoking experience a lot better.

Filter tips can be made of different materials. Our most popular ones are wood filters, glass, and hemp because these have proven to be less harmful to your body and the ecosystem.

Utilizing joint filter tips can make the experience a lot more satisfying by eliminating some of the hassles a non-filtered joint presents the smoker. There are many ways to make filter tips, and one common one is to use cardboard. Our friends at Pot Guide have covered how to make filter tips on their blog.

At BioKemp we make biodegradable and reusable filter tips that are perfect for your rolls. For many people making filters is a part of the experience of rolling. We understand this, and so we offer customized filter tips so your joint or cigar can carry your personality.

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