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What is a Donut Press or Hash Hole Press?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

How does a donut press or hash hole press work?

Written By: Niko San Pedro

A hash hole is a joint composed of terpy cannabis flower infused with hash rosin worm placed in the center of your roll.

With the rise in consumer adoption, the "Hash Hole" also known as a "Donut" has become a popular commodity among heady cannabis connoisseurs.

Rolling a Hash Hole:

Throughout the last several years I have had the opportunity to work with many established & emerging companies over the world, the talk of town for cannabis brands looking to implement a high ticket item into the product portfolio is of course the infamous "Hash Hole" or "Donut".

In theory, this seems like an easy project to tackle, but in reality, when it comes to rolling this style of pre-roll, technique and the tools you utilize play a vital role.

Towards the end of 2022, Our team at Biokemp wanted to develop a product that assisted high volume "Hash Hole" or "Donut" rollers in expediting this process while create a more consistent product.

How to use a Hash Hole Press or Donut Press :

Using one of these tools to assist in twisting up a roll is a great way to increase productivity and output. The Hash Hole Presses design is simply just a rectangular base with an open center and a lid that allows you to press down your flower forming it into a rectangular shape.

Step 1: Grind Flower.

Step 2: Place rolling paper directly under the base of the press.

Step 3: Place ground up flower in the interior of the base over the rolling paper.

Step 4: Take the lid and press down on the flower 2-3 times till it forms a perfect rectangular shape around the base.

Step 5: Gently remove the base of the hash hole press.

Step 6: Place your rosin worm directly in the center.

Step 7: Pick up the hash hole & roll

Using the Hash Hole or Donut press as a tool is a guaranteed way to increase your output. While no means does it roll the hash hole for you, it is an accessory meant to save time.

We have attached the product listing below:




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