Make your Own Hemp Filter Tip



Have you ever dreamt about smoking using your own custom hemp filter tip? And we are not talking about standard designs, but a design that’s exclusive to you only.

Now you have the chance to bring what’s in pen and paper into your filter with Biokemp – Make Your Own Design.

Steps on Creating your Own Custom Hemp Filter:

1. Choose the size
2. Choose the quantity
3. Pay and during checkout, add an email you wish to be contacted on
4. Our team will follow up with instructions on creating your own design



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10.5mm x 20mm, 10mm x 20mm, 11.5mm x 20mm, 11mm x 20mm, 12mm x 20mm, 7.5mm x 20mm, 8.5mm x 20mm, 9.5mm x 20mm, 9mm x 20mm, 10.5 MM X 20MM, 12 MM X 20MM


1000 PCS, 2000 PCS, 250 PCS, 500 PCS, 100 PCS


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