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  • Cannabis Laws 101:

    The legal status of cannabis (also known as marijuana) varies widely around the world. In some countries, cannabis is completely illegal for any purpose, while in others it is legal for certain medical or recreational purposes. The Legality of Cannabis in North America: In the United States, the legal status of cannabis is complex and varies by state. At the federal level, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, which means that it is illegal to manufacture, distribute, or possess cannabis for any purpose. However, many states have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, or both, and have enacted their own laws and regulations governing its cultivation, distribution, and use. In Canada, cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use, and is regulated by the federal government. In many other countries, cannabis is legal for medical purposes only, and is typically subject to strict regulations and controls. It is important to note that the laws and regulations governing cannabis can change frequently, and it is important to stay up to date on the legal status of cannabis in your location. Below we have listed a graph prepared by Venngage showcasing the legality of cannabis statewide: When will cannabis be federally legal? The legal status of cannabis at the federal level is a complex and controversial issue. There are ongoing debates about the potential benefits and risks of cannabis legalization, and it is not clear when or if cannabis will be federally legalized in the United States. Some lawmakers and advocacy groups are working to reform federal cannabis laws, but it is uncertain if and when these efforts will be successful. As a connoisseur of cannabis make sure when opportunity approaches to vote on the legality of cannabis on a recreational level you go out and do it. We are closer and closer to the federal legalization date, but your state still holds power on certain regulatory laws. If you are interested in learning how to start a cannabis business. We have written a blog on how we started our company! How to build a cannabis company (

  • Best Filter Tips For Rolling Blunts:

    There are several types of filter tips that can be used in joints, and the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences and the materials you have available. Some popular options include: Essential Filter Tips for Rolling Blunts Wood Filter Tips: These are tips that are made from wooden byproducts. These tips give your blunt and earthy feel & are typically seen in artisanal crafted blunts. They are a great alternative that promotes sustainability. Cardboard filter tips: These are small cardboard tubes that are inserted into the end of a joint. They are often made from recycled materials and are a more environmentally friendly option than some other types of filter tips. Cardboard filter tips can be purchased at most smoke shops or online. Glass filter tips: These are small glass tubes that are inserted into the end of a joint. They can be more expensive than other types of filter tips, but some people prefer them because they do not affect the taste of the smoke and can be cleaned and reused. Kemp filter tips: Kemp filter tips are made utilizing 3d printer machines. They are manufactured with a material called PLA which is derived from plant-based starches like sugar can and corn starch. Kemp filter tips give you the ability to place your design on the interior of the crutch showcasing the logo at all times. Ultimately, the best filter tip for a joint is a matter of personal preference. It's important to consider factors such as cost, taste, and environmental impact when choosing the right filter tip for you. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to check out our blog on how to make your own filter tips. How do I make a filter tip?- BIOKEMP

  • The Best Cannabis Accessories of 2022

    The coolest cannabis accessories for connoisseurs & more. Written by: Niko San Pedro What a year it's been for cannabis! We've seen many emerging companies big & small bring some seriously incredible developments to the market. Innovation has always been one of the primary focal points for us at Biokemp & it's very clear that it has been a focal point of many other incredible brands involved in cannabis. That said we wanted to list the best cannabis accessories we use daily in 2022. Tiny Toteez Every person I have ever known has used a tote before. Whether they were moving or just stacking some product away in their attic. The functionality of totes has become something I'd say most people have used in their day-to-day lives. But using a tote to store cannabis? Now that's what I am talking about. The team over at Tiny Totees invented a hand sized container centered around storing product. This is nostalgic, sleek & customizable to your brand. You can find Tiny Toteez on instagram: Töteez (@toteeztinytotes) • Instagram photos and videos They also have a website where you can learn more about their products: Töteez | Original Tiny Tote ( Midnight Smoking Filter tips are an extremely important faucet of rolling. The creator over at Midnight Smoking spent his early years in cannabis perfecting the art of rolling and everything that applies to it. We are confident this product they developed will revolutionize the way people consume cannabis. There is no denying that functionality is an extremely important part of filtration. Having a consistent stream of airflow enables a better burn & cool down of smoke. Their tips are functional, aesthetically pleasing & affordable comparative to alternative options. Midnight Smoking just announced the official launch of their product & these will sell out very quickly. You can find them on IG or through their website. Midnight Smoking (@midnight.smoking) KING 32 GAUGE - FILTERED WOOD STAZE Many consumers underestimate the importance of storing cannabis properly, there are a few elements such as light, temperature, humidity & air that will affect the overall quality of your bud if not regulated properly. Staze was the first companies to engineer a product entirely around maintaining potency & flavor profiles of your cannabis. I use my jar daily for functionality purposes. But it also looks so clean! Staze jars are available in many different colors! They have been working on some new products launching Q1 of next year so be on the lookout. staze (@stazefresh) • Instagram photos and videos STAZE | SMELL PROOF VACUUM SEAL JAR | ULTIMATE STORAGE SOLUTION – Staze Brothers Broadleaf I met Paxton & Dawson the owners of Brothers Broadleaf approximately four years ago. We were in the beginning stages of launching our companies. From the moment I received the first pack of pearls I knew these guys were going to solidify their spots in terms of creating the greatest leaf known to cannabis consumers. The amount passion & groundwork put in by the Brothers Broadleaf team speaks volume. Their product is superior in many different ways to the mass-manufactured competitors. If you don't believe, try and catch a box on their site if you can. These things sell out FAST. I've always been a tobacco smoker, but I can't say I have been confident in my purchases prior to Brothers Broadleaf. Knowing where your tobacco comes from & how it's grown & processed is important. These guys set the bar high. Home - Brothers Broadleaf Biokemp I started Biokemp 4 1/2 years ago with the intention of revolutionizing the way cannabis was consumed. Our goal was to put power back in the hands of small business owners & connoisseurs by giving them a way to brand their smoking experience. Our flagship Kemp Smoking Filters are biodegradable, reusable up to 3 times & fully customizable. Seeing our impact on brands across the world has truly been an experience & now you can customize your filter directly on our website with a low MOQ of 50 units. Our Kemp Filter Tips are available in all sizes & colors. Interested in getting some custom ones made? Click the link below: Custom Kemp Filter Tips | BIOKEMP Just the Tip Our friends over at Just the Tip crush it with their wide selection of fully customizable paper tips. Something about personalizing your smoking experience just feels right & these guys realized that early on. The team over at Just the Tip are truly amazing. Come to them with an idea & you'll be surprised with what the artist over there comes up with! Their production process is very distinctive & I can confidentially that they have found a way to perfect it. The opportunities are endless! Interested in getting a custom design made? Hit them up on Instagram with your ideas: Just the Tip ™ ( • Instagram photos and videos As th