How to roll a joint for beginners?

If you want to begin rolling like a pro, you should be including a filter tip in your joints. Filter tips are a must! They prevent the flower from coming out of the joint; it gives stability, protects your fingers from burns, and makes the smoking experience a lot more comfortable.

Rolling a joint for many people is part of the experience of enjoying cannabis. The joint has to be firm and should burn easily and smoothly. Rolling a good joint not only guarantees a good smoke but being the go-to person for rolling can be a good title to have in your smoking circle.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Roll a Joint with Filter Tip

  1. Grind the Cannabis
  2. Incorporate Filter
  3. Fill Joint with Cannabis
  4. Roll the Joint
  5. Glue your Joint
  6. Twist your Joint
  7. Enjoy


Supplies Needed: Cannabis Strain of your choice, rolling paper, a filter, grinder, a pen

  1. Grind the Cannabis

Put your cannabis in your grinder and grind the heck out of it.

2.              Incorporate Filter

Place your BioKemp filter at one end of the paper. Make sure your filter tip is aligned with the end of your paper by adjusting with your fingers. The filter tip shouldn’t stick out from the joint or be too inside.    

3.              Fill

Gently sprinkle your cannabis into your joint. The right amount of filling depends on you; somewhere between half a gram to one gram is usually alright, but don’t let that stop you from getting creative sometimes.

4.              Roll

Once the paper has the right amount of flour, begin shaping it into a joint, catch the paper’s bottom edge in the packed fold.

Pinch the paper between your fingertips and use your index and middle fingers to hold the joint, gently use your thumbs in a back and forth motion to pack the cannabis into a cone.

5.              Lick

Using your paper texture as a guide, tuck the unglued side into your roll and gently apply moisture to the other side of the paper. Finish by gently giving it a firm touch to make sure it’s glued.

Grab all cannabis leftovers and put them back in through the open side of the joint. You don’t want to leave any bits and pieces of the good stuff. You can use a pen or any other material with a thin tip to compress the cannabis inside your joint. This will ensure an even burn and a better experience.

6.              Twist

Give your joint a firm twist to tighten all your good stuff into one great joint.

7.              Enjoy

Ha! The best step – time to smoke all your hard effort! You definitely deserve it!

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